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Ceiling lamps are attached to the ceiling. It is an optimal decision to illuminate the interior and make the ceiling seem higher. Despite the lamps being fastened to the ceiling, there are many sizes, shapes and colors to choose from. They may also have hanging details, be directed, allowing the light flux to be projected to specific areas or interior details, aim the luminous flux towards any direction.
Lamp size, shape, color and the material it is made of have to be fitted to the room or other space‘s interior. Ceiling lamp may be a part of the lighting system, easily matched with other types of luminaires. If you are looking for professional solutions, feel free to call, e-mail „Lempa“ team or come to our salon and we will gladly help you with everything related to lighting design.

Use of ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps help save space, but it does not mean they are only installed in low ceilings. Ceiling lamps are popular in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens or hallways. Big ceiling lamps with hanging details and height regulating systems are perfect for illuminating a spacious living room. Pendants have separate threads to help fix them on the ceiling, while in dome lights these additional details are usually used more as a stylish accent. Using them and shades of different size and shape, we may regulate the lighting direction and height.
Halogen luminaires are still used in both home and public spaces, but they are being quickly replaced by LED dome lights, together with LED stripes, which are widely used in different interiors. Ceiling lighting is an important part of ceiling decor, emphasising architectural solutions and hiding unwanted details.
Lighting is recessed in the ceiling when one wants to save space and the main focus is on the functionality. In this case, ceiling lighting is designed to recess the lamps into the ceiling. If you are looking for lighting solutions for your bathroom or kitchen, it is a right choice, since these spaces have to endure a bit more moist, heat and other environmental factors compared to other rooms. Contact „Lempa“ team and we will gladly help you choose Your luminaire.

What kind of ceiling lamps are there?

Ceiling lamps may be classified by their style. For example, classical, modern, „Art Deco“ or luxurious crystal luminaires. Modernity may be joined with classic, ceiling lamps – with wall lamps or torchieres. There are several types of ceiling lamps. Their design may be matched to the ceiling design, and LED stripes can be used to accent some details, forming a hidden lighting.
Ceiling directed lamps are best used to light work spaces, so they are usually used in home offices, children rooms, reading spots. Bulbs of proper brightness are chosen, and using the lamp‘s shade the flux of wanted width is formed. This type of ceiling lamps tends to have a mechanism to not only adjust the light‘s direction, but also the height.

What to consider when choosing a ceiling lamp?

Usually, space saving while maintaining the maximal lighting is key in choosing the ceiling lamp. Dome lamps are great for that, while their shape, size and other style details have to be matched to the interior. The color, texture of the ceiling, the decor of the walls, prevailing furniture style are important. Ceiling lamps may be hardly noticeable or an outstanding interior detail.
For instance, to light a spacious living room we usualy offer luminaires which spread the light as widely as possible. Lamps with transparent shades help achieve that, illuminating a maximal space.
Strict minimalistic lamps are great in urban or scandinavian design. Also, round lamps, usually white (matching to the ceiling), are very popular. They can be of various sizes, have lowered details. It is crucial not to compromise on price and quality, but to choose a lamp which meets all Your needs and fits ideally into the interior.

How to install a ceiling lamp?

Mounting and installation of a ceiling lamp depends on what the lamp‘s hanging part is. The size, weight of the lamp, the ceiling type is important. Usualy ceiling lamps have a solid base, so only a few fasteners and holders are needed to attach them straight to the ceiling. This requires no additional threads or wires.
When designing the lighting, it is useful to plan the electrical connection in advance, so we recommend leaving this task to the professionals. If you have any questions regarding lighting, „Lempa“ team will gladly consult you and help perform all tasks concerning lighting design and installation.

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