Art Deco luminaires


“Art Deco” style is without a doubt closely related to ornamentation, sophisticated taste and even luxury. Elegant lines, highest quality materials, various decorative elements and unlimited imagination of lamp makers let this style to be discovered again. Using interior designer’s abilities to combine classic with modernism, fit “Art Deco” in modern, minimalistic interiors, lighting specialists can offer a lot of solutions to individual houses and public spaces, for instance, hotels and restaurants.
“Art Deco” luminaires work great in the living, dining rooms. These can be very ornamental pendants, or, for example, wall lamps, decorated with various shades and luxury details, which serve perfectly as an additional light source.
If You are looking for lighting solutions, unique luminaires for Your interior, feel free to contact our specialist team online or in any other convenient way. We will be happy to help you, consult You about the price, technical properties of the lamps. Come and visit our salon in Kaunas old town.

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