Children‘s room lighting


Children‘s room lighting requires special attention, but it is important not to forget that the interior of this space is quite changing, so when designing the lighting and choosing the lamps a lot of factors have to be considered. Child‘s room lighting is usually designed taking natural light sources into account, as well as different room spaces where different activities are carried out. Thanks to lamps and properly designed lighting children rooms of various sizes can become very cozy, meeting the child‘s needs. Lamps for children‘s room can be chosen to function in several different ways, for example, illuminate the space where the child plays and the desk, where he or she does his or her homework or draws. It is practical and efficient, when the light flux of lamps in the child‘s room is easily and comfortably regulated.
Children‘s room lamps may be of different types: children‘s hanging lamps, wall, floor or desk lamps. Also, quite specialised lamps, for example, night lamps or lamps that can be controlled remotely. Usually children‘s lamps are special with their playfulness, but one of the main aspects that affect the choice the most is the way a certain lamp fits into the child‘s room interior. Parents contact interior designers to create very special spaces for their little ones. These spaces „grow“ together with the child, so that is why lighting sometimes has to be designed again. Despite that, our specialist team tries to plan everything in advance so only minimal changes would be needed. If the room is not renovated from the ground up, sometimes it is enough to only change the lamps. It is normal that a lamp that is shaped like a cloud or an animal which used to cause a lot of joy, is not as relevant when a child grows up. It is possible that the interior will change as well, so if one would work with lighting professionals in advance, it would be possible to foresee probable changes, that way saving some money and avoiding additional trouble with electrical connection or other technical work.
If You are designing a child‘s room lighting, we will gladly help You choose the lamps, explain their technical properties. We make sure that the lamps from our catalogue comply with all quality and safety requirements, so they will be perfect for Your child‘s room, will work great and cause a lot of joy for the child.

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