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LED panels are widely applied in interiors of private houses, flats or public spaces. Recessed LED panels are popular in lower premises. They are perfect for saving space, and in areas where the ceiling is higher with a lamp expected to become an interior accent, hanging LED panels can be used. Recessed or hanging lamps of this kind are installed in a special frame. It does not only strengthen the lamp, but also protects it from overheating. The price of a LED panel depends on it‘s size, technical properties. One should not forget that in order for a LED lamp to function properly, some additional details are needed, for instance, an electrical socket or a holder. Acquiring LED lamps from our catalogue You will get full sets. All LED lamps we offer comply with requirements for highest quality and sustainable consumption.
Recessed LED panels are static, so their light source can not change it‘s angle. Still, they can be of different shapes and sizes so they fit various interiors and illuminate small home premises and office or hotel spaces equally well. These type of lamps are usually built into the ceiling, but they can also be mounted in the walls, stairs, the floor. When designing the ceiling or other plains in which LED panels will be installed, it is important to decide the localization of the lamps in advance, as well as recesses needed, electrical connection and other elements needed for LED installation.
We suggest You install recessed LED panels in gypsum, cardboard or wooden ceilings and walls. Hanging LED panels are installed similarly as pendants. Their height may be adjusted, panels can be used to illuminate certain spaces, for example, a work desk or shop window. Recessed and hanging panels‘ installation, attachment and mounting require special tools and knowledge. In „Lempa“ catalogue You will find different LED panels of highest quality and impeccable functionality, as well as their constructions for differently sized premises. Feel free to contact us online or in any other way, as well as to come to our salon in Kaunas old town, regarding the technical specifications of these lamps, retail prices or any other topic that may be of interest.

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