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Home lighting is an important part of interior and exterior which affect everyday life‘s quality. Working with projects all over Lithuania, cooperating with lamp makers from around the world, following lighting tendencies we can notice that the attitude to quality home lighting is shifting in a positive direction. That is, the customers pay more attention to quality of lighting design, installation, lamps, light sources, materials they are made of, maker‘s reputation, product longevity. A lot more attention is paid to sustainable consumption, and home lighting is the place to make it‘s ideas come true.

Modern home lighting is becoming inseparable from smart technologies. All home electrical devices and lighting system can be connected to a smart house system and controlled with one remote control or using smart apps. Modern solutions enable us to comfortably control the lighting in all home spaces or a part of them. Also – it is a great investment, as constantly changing technologies offer new solutions that may be installed in homes or flats when their lighting is renewed.

In our catalogue You will find lamp shades, bases and supporting constructions made out of highest quality plastic, aluminum, glass. That is why lamps are light, at the same time being solid and safe. In „Lempa“ catalogue a wide indoor lamp selection is provided – from modern to classical or „Art Deco“ lamps. We will also take care of all needed fasteners, power supply, elements for electrical connection. Choose Your lamp quickly and comfortably by it‘s shape, color, texture, light flux.

Private home and flat lighting ideas

When designing a lighting in a private home or flat we try to make every space as cozy and comfortable as possible. Thanks to lighting, cozy feeling is created both inside of the house and out at the night time. Room lighting is designed considering the type of the room. Rooms may also be divided in different spaces considering the different activities carried out there, so the most optimal lighting has to be chosen. Also, using lamps, we help to implement home decoration ideas. For example, a luxurious chandelier in a living room may become one of the most important house interior details. Lighting ideas are discussed with the client, interior designer and then our lighting specialists evaluate technical possibilities and suggest solutions.

Lighting of smaller flats is usually designed saving space more than in private houses. Various LED lamps work great for that, as well as recessed, ceiling luminaires. Some are mounted in the ceiling, walls, that way saving space and at the same time achieving an ideal quality and functionality. For indoor lighting we suggest You choose light sources that save energy. Also, it is important to clearly name the activities that are to be carried out in each room. It is popular to choose a lamp that is easily transformed, it‘s light flux direction, intensity is adjusted with no difficulties. Accented lamps, spotlights mounted on tracks – these are the tendencies of modern homes. Also, classic, modern – various torchieres are also relevant. You are welcomed to come to our salon in Kaunas old town. We will gladly help You choose.

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