Classical luminaires


Classical luminaires work great in spaces where a lot of attention is paid to lighting, and the surroundings oblige to choose a classical style. They may be wall, ceiling, hanging indoor or various outdoor lamps. Classical shapes are often maintained by lamps meant for reading or other activities carried out near a desk. They are comfortably attached, are mobile, their light flux is easily directed and perfectly illuminates a work desk, other horizontal or vertical plain.
It has become usual that classical lamps are associated with decorativeness, important accents in interior or exterior, style details. These lamps are exceptional with their shapes, their shades are accented and they are meant to do their main – lighting – function. Separate details can provide classical lamps with decorativeness or even luxury.
Classical wall or BRA lamps can not only be used as an additional light source in the living or dining room, but also become an important style accent. When matching these lamps with classical torchieres, hanging lamps, a special style of a home, restaurant or other public space is created. Classical lamps can also decorate more private premises, for example, a bathroom or bedroom.
The most advanced LED technology is even used in classical lamps, they are made out of highest quality materials, are reliable and lasting. If You are looking for classical lamps online, have any questions regarding the price of certain lamps, want to get advice on matching the lamps or designing the lighting, feel free to contact our team and we will gladly help You.

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