Hallway luminaires


Hallway luminaires are usually chosen according to the width and style of this premise. That is, if the hallway is spacious, the lighting can be formed using several types of lamps. For example, pendants can be used as the main light source and floor lamps – as an additional. Nevertheless, they are usually quite narrow, so this transient space can be illuminated using only a few hanging or wall lamps. Recessed LED lamps are especially popular in hallways. LED stripes or wall lamps are suggested to light the sides of the mirrors, if there are any.
LED stripes help save the space while creating a special feeling of coziness. These premises do not require a bright light, so when designing this lighting, it is important to choose proper lamps to match the interior the best. Feel free to contact our specialist team and we will gladly help You choose the lamp, consult You about the price, technical parameters of the lamp, it‘s mounting and installation. Contact us online or in any other convenient way. The contacts are provided below. Also, we welcome You to our salon in Kaunas old town.

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