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Desk lamps help light up the room details, are used in work spaces. They can also be used as a stylish interior accent. They are put or attached on the table, are mobile, usually have regulatory mechanisms, helping direct the light flux and change the light angle. Desk or attached desk lamp is irreplaceable for those reading or carrying out any other activity that requires quality lighting.
That is why desk lamps are usually used in child rooms, offices or leisure spaces where light direction, small space and light angle have to be thoroughly designed. They can also be used in bedrooms – put on the night stand and regulated to allow comfortable reading in bed or create wanted intimate lighting. „Lempa“ team will gladly advise on what desk lamp to choose, consult You about prices, fit the lamp into the interior and design Your wanted lighting.

Use of desk lamps

Desk lamps are used as an additional light source in home interior or public spaces. That is why it is crucial to project the flux to fit in with the other lamps. Also – match the design and try not to overload the space with lamps. Graceful metal constructions, high-quality plastic, glass, wood – lamps made out of different materials of highest quality look great in various spaces. Classical, modern, or, for example, „Art Deco“ lamps with LED technology may be playful, strictly shaped, decorative. If the lamps for child room would be colorful, with less potentially harmful details, then work space lamps would be stricter, maybe minimalistic or even luxurious. Desk lamps are unique with their combination of style and functionality. Despite them usually being used for work, these lamps are continuously getting more popular as a stylish interior detail.

What are the advantages of desk lamps?

Desk lamps are functional, lasting, but also stylish, easily fitted into an interior. Their main function is to light up details or certain areas of a desk or other surface. Using light diode technology, the light flux may be set to not tire the eyes and not overshadow it‘s surroundings. Cozy and concentrated light illuminates the work desk perfectly, lets one enjoy their reading in the bed or an armchair. The only thing needed is to put or attach the lamp on the table or other surface, plug the lamp in and quickly set the right lighting angle.
Desk lamp is also a great interior accent, it can help to create the mood, for example, in bedrooms, restaurant and other private or public spaces where cozy details are very important. If You are planning on add variety to Your indoor lighting with desk lamps, are striving for maximum funcionality and style harmony, feel free to contact „Lempa“ team. Our specialists will quickly and professionaly help you.

What kinds of desk lamps are there?

It would be easier to say that desk lamps can be either classical or modern, but the truth is that various styles go together perfectly in their design. The main accent of this lamp is it‘s shade. For instance, classical round-shaped shade is universal and allows to fit the lamp in private or public spaces. Various metal accents, mobile holders, stylish switches let desk lamps achieve modern or even futuristic shapes which go perfectly in any interior.

Besides from differently shaped shades, lamp sizes and materials these lamps are made of, the heights of the lamps also vary. If a torchiere is put directly on the floor, then desk lamps, as their name states, are put or attached on the table, night stand, work desk, child‘s desk, or, for example, a bar.

Lamp‘s shade is matched to it‘s base, which helps ensure the stability. Lamp control mechanism can also be installed in the base. Very elegant minimalistic desk lamps look like mini modern torcheires, they can be made out of transparent plastic, or be shaped like a bottle, bust or an animal. We welcome You to choose the right lamp in our „Lempa“ catalogue. Our professionals will gladly answer all lighting related questions. Call, contact us online or come to our salon.

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