Indoor lamps are a lighting design area that everyone faces everyday in one way or another. One could not imagine home spaces, offices, shopping malls, educational institutions, bars and other private or public spaces without lighting. LED (light emitting diode) technology is driving incandescent bulbs out of the market, and indoor luminaires are becoming an important interior detail. If you are looking for optimal indoor lighting solutions, stylish lamps and a rational new technology implementation, feel free to contact our team online or visit our salon. We will gladly help You choose and answer all questions.

Solutions for indoor lighting

Indoor lamps are chosen considering the areas they are going to be used in: kitchen, living room, bathroom, children room or bedroom. Different light fluxes are chosen in the offices for work or meeting rooms, relaxation spaced. Lighting in other public spaces also has certain functions, and lamps may become an outstanding interior detail. When designing an indoor lighting and choosing the lamps, it helps to know that these lamps may be:
• Ceiling lamps;
• Pendants;
• Wall lamps;
• Floor lamps;
• Desk lamps;
• Recessed lamps;
• Recessed gypsum lamps.
Professional advice and help is important not only when choosing the lamp and looking for an optimal price, but also installing it. Indoor lamp installing includes lighting design and matching different lamps together. Desired effect may be achieved combining, for example, hanging and wall lamps. That way certain spaces are illuminated, the light intensity is properly set, luminous flux is spread. It is crucial to properly set the lighting as it affects both interior aesthetics and a person‘s well-being or even health. Every room has it‘s own exact activity carried out there, so the lighting has to be specific as well. „Lempa“ team will gladly help you.
If a new object is being built, it‘s indoor lighting is planned pretty early. Professionally designed electrical connection facilitates lamp mounting, installing and attachment. When choosing a lamp, it is important to consider interior and the effect desired. For instance, directed accented lamps help highlight objects, some unique interior details. This may also be done using LED stripes. They form hidden lighting, emphasise furniture or stair features as well. Wide application of LED technology allows interior designers implement the most difficult ideas and achieve breathtaking aesthetics.
Sustainable consumption ideas and their application in one‘s daily routine is crucial. Using the most advanced LED lamps, obvious superiority is observed in comparison to old luminaires with halogen or incandescent bulbs. LED technology is based on the light diode converting electric energy to visible light spectrum. LED lamps stand out with their great number of lumens, so it becomes possible to achieve a perfect illumination even from great heights. LED technology assures flawless quality, and in some cases, energy costs may even be reduced by 90 percent. This way one can reduce electric costs, save money and avoid harming the environment. LED lighting tends to work longer, so changing the bulbs is not a constant worry.
Indoor lamp shades, bases and supporting constructions are usually made of high-quality plastic, aluminum, glass. That is why these lamps are light, solid and safe at the same time. „Lempa“ catalogue has a wide selection of indoor lamps, from modern to classical or „Art Deco“ luminaires. One can choose the lamps easily and quickly based on desired shapes, colors, textures, light flux spread. Unique futuristic designs, functional modern or classical luminaires or tasteful combination of modernity and classic – all that you can find in „Lempa“ catalogue, and with the help of our professional team, it can quickly be implemented in Your interior. Indoor lamps online or in our salon are a great choice for those looking for high quality unique solutions.
Indoor lighting solutions are inseparable from smart technologies. We can offer some advanced lighting solutions: from the possibility to verbally adjust the color or intensity of the light to app-controled living room luminaires. Private and public space lighting may be connected with security systems, controlled remotely or according to previously set smart home/office algorithms.
If You are looking for high-quality indoor lighting solutions, feel free to contact „Lempa“ team and we will soon present an optimal offer.
We offer favorable terms of partnership to architects and designers – we help them choose the equipment, make an estimate, prepare alternative offers according to different budgets. Most importantly – we always find a professional lighting solution for Your projects.

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