Outdoor ceiling lamps are attached to the ceiling. Their illuminating properties, connecting and installing procedures are similar to those of outdoor pendants. These kind of lamps are irreplaceable when one wants to save space and light outdoor terraces, entrances and balconies from the above. These lamps may be classical, modern, or, for example, ornamental „Art Deco“.
Required light intensity depends on the LED light source chosen, which is separated from the environment by transparent glass or plastic. Also, light flux is affected by the shape of the lamp‘s shade, which is usually made out of resistant aluminum. In „Lempa“ catalogue you can choose from differently shaped and colored ceiling lamps and buy them online or in our salon. If you have questions about constant cooperation, wholesale prices, are looking for unique lighting solutions, feel free to call or e-mail us. We will gladly answer and help you.

How are outdoor ceiling lamps attached?

Outdoor ceiling lamp base is made out of aluminum, so they are light and the fasteners do not have to be deeply drilled into the ceiling. Following all safety requirements a few holders, included with the product, are enough.
It is important to place the lamp correctly to ensure the optimal illumination of selected outdoor area. Our specialist team will quickly and professionaly calculate the amount and the type of lamps You need to achieve the required result.

What are the advantages of outdoor ceiling lamps?

These lamps are easily attached, help save space with lower ceilings and effectively illuminate any selected area from the above.
Ceiling lamps are less affected by the environment, as they usually do not go in contact with direct solar radiation, they can be hanged in outdoor spaces with gusty wind. Various shapes and sizes are easily applied to different architecture styles. Light fluxes of different intensity, made by using different strength LED technology, let us easily implement functional and exterior decoration solutions.

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