Wall lighting


Wall lighting is made to illuminate the room spaces or facade at the night time, create a special cozy feeling, emphasize style details or unique architectural solutions. Wall lighting design is related to decorativeness, and can be used as an additional light source in indoor spaces, for example, the bedroom, living room, hallway. Wall lighting can be designed and matched to stair, ceiling, floor lighting. LED wall lighting is installed on the sides of the furniture, in a specially formed niche and are easily fitted with other lamps.
If You want to create a special environment in Your house or office, are looking for surprising interior solutions in restaurants, cafes or other public spaces, You can use wall lighting. Using LED panels or stripes and accented lamps, wall lighting can be formed in a way that lets the premise to acquire new shapes, colors, emphasize wall decor or subtle details at the night time. Wall lighting systems can be connected to a smart house system, controlled remotely, have it‘s intensity and color adjusted.
Wall lamps are usually used for outdoor wall lighting. They are matched with the interior and can be classical or modern. Outdoor lamps can be installed a bit farther away from the building. These accented spotlight lamps are used to illuminate an extra big facade. All type of lamps can have a light flux that may be of different warmth, also, colorful lighting can be chosen. Outdoor wall lighting can be formed using LED stripes. Dwelling house or other building‘s outdoor wall lighting solutions provide the environment with a cozy, safe feeling, help to emphasize unique exterior details.
If You want to create a special environment in Your home, office, restaurant or other space, are designing exceptional wall lighting, our professional team will gladly take care of all lighting matters. Feel free to contact us or come to our salon in Kaunas old town. The contacts are provided below.

Ideas for private and public wall lighting

Wall lighting installation requires technical knowledge, while the most important thing is to properly design the lighting, decide the arrangement of light sources, power supply installation, electrical connection in advance. Important thing to consider is that in order to install built-in wall lamps or LED stripes, additional spaces will be needed. Wall lighting specifics usually depend on what effect the client expects and what lighting function is wanted. If some wall decorative elements are wanted to be emphasized, accented lamps can be used both inside the room and outside of the building. If, for instance, wall lighting is going to be more ornamental, then LED stripes would work better. Wall and ceiling lighting in the kitchen is usually related to decorating the interior, as wall lamps are usually used as an additional light source. Kitchen and living room wall lighting can be designed as a joint system and connect the two areas, or on contrary – separate them with the help of lamps.
Living room wall lighting creates a special spacious, decorative feeling. Bedroom wall lighting together with, for exaple, torchieres, can be a lighting solution that emits a light flux needed to ensure coziness and tranquility. Wall lighting in interior or exterior works as an ornamental element. If You want to create a special environment, leave this job to the professionals. Our team constantly cooperates with interior designers and contractors when creating projects all across Lithuania, so we will gladly help You make Your indoor or outdoor wall lighting ideas come true.

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