Torchiere, or floor lamp, is another type of lamp which can be called classical. Observing changes in these lamps, their evolution is clearly visible. Usually these changes are related with new ideas in house interiors and development of new lighting systems. Lamp creators are not afraid to use their imagination and even if it seems like there is not much space to express oneself when creating a torchiere, the designers find a way to surprise the clients.
Classical, modern or ornamental „Art Deco“ floor lamps – torchieres are used as an additional light source and work great in various home spaces, cafes, restaurants, or, for example, outdoor terraces. They can be used for reading, to illuminate work desks, rest zones. They can also be helpful to separate different spaces, so torchieres can be put in bedroom, living room or child room, office, hallway.
If You are looking for torchieres, have any questions regarding the price, technical parameters, contact our lighting team and we will gladly give advice and help You choose. Contact us online or in any other convenient way or come to our salon in Kaunas. The contacts are provided below.

How to choose a torchiere?

In order for floor lamp to work it only needs an electrical socket, so when planning to install this kind of lamp, it‘s mounting and installation do not cause any problems. Torchieres are mobile, their different shapes, sizes lets them be fit in various spaces. That is why interior style is the main thing to consider when choosing this type of lamp. It‘s function is also important, as a torchiere may be a static light source, but also have an accented light flux. If this type of lamp is used for reading or to light a work or rest space, then lamps with shades which concentrate light flux and have mechanisms to adjust the light angle are suggested. If a torchiere is used more for aesthetic reasons and is a style element, then most attention is paid to it‘s shapes, material.
Torchieres are often matched with wall, ceiling lamps, but they are mobile and some have a neutral design and are easily fitted to different interiors.
When planning a lighting in Your home, office or other premises, contact our specialist team, because that way You will be able to enjoy cozy and stylish lighting quickly and professionaly.

Floor lamps in Your interior:

Torchieres can help make even the most surprising lighting solutions happen, so these type of lamps are valued, new design shapes are created and classical designs are renewed. LED technology clearly separated modern or even futuristic designs from the classical ones, but the main idea of this lighting remained. That is – a lamp is both an interior detail and a functional device, which can change it‘s place, lighting angle, intensity or even shapes.
When looking for floor lamps in our catalogue, our clients are often surprised by the variety of styles and designs our lamps have, sometimes even reminding of real masterpieces. From nature motives to strict metal shapes, from lamps of cloud lightness and cozy light-emitting to classical luxurious torchieres – all of this for You to find what is best for You. If You have any questions, are looking for unique lighting solutions, contact our professional team and we will gladly help you choose, give advice on and design the lighting that meets Your needs best. Feel free to come to our salon in Kaunas old town and see our constantly renewed light expositions.

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