Outdoor lighting


Outdoor lighting is one of the aspects that is being mentioned more when designing an exterior of a dwelling house or other building, creating outdoor terraces, planning gardens, parks, outlining petty architecture in both private and public spaces. In the night time outdoor lighting not only creates a cozy and safe feeling, but also helps to emphasise some exterior details. Outdoor lamps can mark an entrance or a driveway. Building facades illuminated with LED stripes are more and more popular in urban areas.
Hanging from or attached to the ceiling, wall, floor, recessed outdoor lamps are very resistant, safe and functional, they comply with all sustainable consumption ideas. So if You want to install an outdoor lighting, contact our team and we will gladly help You choose the type of lamps You need, design, install the lighting and make sure it lasts.


Designing an outdoor lighting

Garden lighting, facade, path, gate or other petty architecture lighting is designed considering the client‘s needs, possible environmental factors, general safety requirements. After performing precise calculations and designing a proper electrical connection (after taking care of all infrastructure), the most fitting lamps are chosen. There are many options in our catalogue, all lamps comply with quality and safety requirements. They are made of lasting materials, are resistant to moist and other environmental factors.
LED technology which is usually used in outdoor lamps lets make the most different lighting ideas come true. Mounted outdoor lamps, LED stripes are great for facade lighting. Outdoor floor lamps can become an accent in the garden, decorating it‘s surroundings not only in the night time. Garden lighting installation is a complex process, where exact calculations have to be made to establish what light flux is needed in certain garden zones and to choose the right lamps.
If You are planning to implement an outside lighting project, contact our specialist team and we will gladly help you choose luminaires out of our vast selection of lamps that would suit Your house exterior and work best.

Outside lighting ideas and tendencies

Outdoor lighting ideas and their implementation are closely related to technical possibilities of installing a quality lighting. Outdoor lighting project implementation is combined of a few steps. Our specialist team will help You through all of them. We will also gladly help You with the ideas of how Your outdoor lighting should look like – it‘s facade, surroundings, petty architecture.
LED wall lamps, matching the building‘s exterior are best for facade lighting. These types of lamps can be easily matched to every style of doors, windows or other elements. If the right lamps are chosen, they illuminate the facade and play a decorative role.
Outdoor floor lamps are a great solution for lighting a garden or a yard, because they can be of different shapes and sizes. They will be perfect for paths, flowerbed illumination. Bigger luminaires can be used for separate garden zones. Mounted lamps can also be used. They are comfortable near the facade, driveways and paths. They are very resistant and create a special cozy feeling. That is why outdoor lighting ideas do not only consist of illuminating the outside walls of various buildings, but it is a multifaceted project that our professional team would love to take care of. Contact us online or in any other convenient way and we will help You choose the right lamps.

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