Outdoor lamps do not only illuminate the environment at the night time, but also help create a cozy and safe feeling. Without practical function, they have an aesthetic one as well. It differs in private and public surroundings.
Outdoor lamps located near dwelling houses are usually meant to light the building, it‘s surroundings, garden paths, driveway. Also – entrances to the buildings, terraces, balconies. More and more often outdoor lighting projects have an impact on facade architectural solutions.
When choosing an outdoor lamp, the first question to answer is what function that lamp is supposed to have. Other important aspect to consider is it‘s resistance to various environmental factors (longevity). All lamps, meant to be installed outside, are going to be waterproof, but their resistance level may vary. It is necessary to ensure impeccable safety, so product parameters have to be evaluated to make sure it is not a potential threat.

Outdoor lighting solutions

Looking for outdoor lamps online is a great way to analyse the market, find out the preliminary prices, make requests. If you have already looked for a lamp in any shops or online, you may have noticed that every lamp is marked with an IP (Ingress Protection) class. According to these marks, the lamp‘s suitability for certain areas is determined. IP indicates the lamp‘s protection level and resistance to various environmental factors, such as dust, dirt and moist. The bigger the IP, the better the protection. If any questions would arise, feel free to call or write to Lempa.LT team online and we will quickly and professionaly evaluate the level of protection needed for Your lamp.
Assessing the functionality, technical parameters and the environment where the lamp will be installed, it is important to know what types of outdoor lamps there are. It affects not only the lighting design, but also the installation progress. Outdoor lamps may be:
• Ceiling lamps;
• Pendants;
• Wall lamps;
• Floor lamps;
• Desk lamps.
Professional advice will always help prevent mistakes as a light that is too bright or too dim, or a lighting that is too close to the building. For example, the lighting too adjacent to the house will always shine straight to the living room, making people inside uncomfortable. You can always call, come to our salon or contact our team online and discuss the right outdoor lighting arrangement.
Based on our vast experience, we can assure that the easiest and most successful outdoor lighting installation is achieved with this exterior detail being considered in advance. The architects and interior designers usually take care of this in newly built houses, while we are more than happy to be a part of these projects as these professionals often turn to us for help. If the building is older and You want to liven it‘s facade with a new lighting system, it is important to consider the common environment and architectural heritage rules.
Perfected LED (light emitting diode) technology increases outdoor lamp resistance, also helping save energy and achieve greatest efficiency. Bright lighting does not spread any kind of harmful radiation, does not emit heat, is ecological and safe.
The principle of LED technology is the light diode converting electric energy to visible light spectrum. It does not require a lot of recources and energy cost may even be reduced by 90 percent, in comparison with the old lamps that used incandescent or halogen lamps.
LED lighting used to be only an interior detail for a while, but with this technology rapidly evolving, it quickly became popular, offering both decorative and functional LED lamps. Modern, energy saving and very durable lamps are becoming a more prevalent stylish exterior detail. LED technology is used for street lighting and billboards. Classic or, for instance, „Art Deco“ luminaires may also be installed with LED bulbs. They tend to work longer, so changing them is not a constant worry. Clients are very fond of all the advantages that LED has and choose this most advanced technology for their outdoor lighting without hesitation. Together with pure and renewable solar energy it gives a great result and makes outdoor lighting an area where everyone can practice sustainable consumption and, with maximal efficiency, help protect the nature. We offer the products of world‘s best lamp makers in both Lempa.LT salon and e-shop, so you will never have to wonder if you are keeping pace with the most innovative and reliable lighting technologies.
When choosing a product, we strongly recommend reading user reviews about both the seller and the item. Do not forget to consider the climate, as the weather conditions here are quite different from the ones in, for example, Australia, so You should choose a product that is resistant to heat, drastic temperature fluctuations and moist. For instance, hermetic luminaires are installed in outdoor spaces that are moist, and their shades are extremely resistant to various environmental factors.
All luminaires that we suggest installing in outdoor spaces meet the highest quality standards. The lamps of our represented makers are well appreciated in countries with similar weather conditions to Lithuania‘s.
We can offer a vast assortment of smart outdoor lighting solutions: from the possibility to alter the light color to lamps that are controlled with apps. Outdoor lamps adjacent to the house may be connected to the house security system, remotely controlled or managed by previously set smart house algorithms.
Are You looking for quality outdoor lighting solutions? Feel free to contact „Lempa“ team and we will quickly come back to you with an optimal offer.
We offer favorable terms of partnership to architects and designers – we help them choose the equipment, make an estimate, prepare alternative offers according to different budgets. Most importantly – we always find a professional lighting solution for Your projects.

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