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Floor lamps are a great decorative peace for home or public spaces. Their mobility is what excludes them from other indoor lamps. They can be put on any kind of floor and need only an electrical socket to work. Indoor floor lamps are usually an additional light source, creating coziness, filling the spaces with style, allowing to direct the light flux and concentrate it in a certain area.
Floor lamps – torchieres may be classical, luxurious, or modern and elegant, perfectly matching the interior of the house or office. Floor lamps may have various constructions, have one or more shades and disperse the light widely. LED technology lets the light be of different intensity, but floor lamps usually shine subtly and are meant to form a certain mood at the night time or dusk. Floor lamp is truly a lamp classic, and with it evolving, candles were replaced by the most modern light diode technology.
If You are looking for a stylish high quality torchiere for home or other spaces, „Lempa“ team will gladly help You choose the lamp, consult you about the price and most important parameters regarding both the lamp‘s design and technical possibilities.

What are the advantages of torchieres?

Floor lamp is very universal, but it can also be a unique, stylish and outstanding interior detail. Torchiere may be a great solution when looking for a stylish detail that would also shine in scandinavian design bedroom, luxurious living room or a little cozy terrace. Classical and modern torchieres are greatly diverse, so it is very easy to match them to other lamps, different interiors and make functional and design solutions come true.
Most floor lamps have a comfortable flux regulating system. Desk lamp might be a little bit better for reading, but a torcheire may also be perfectly used for that. One would only have to set it‘s place and choose an optimal light intensity. A shade and a pole help regulate the illuminated space and the light angle.
If You have any questions regarding lighting design or are looking for a floor lamp, feel free to call, contact „Lempa“ team online or come to our salon and we will be more than happy to help You.

What to consider when choosing a torcheire?

When choosing a floor lamp, almost always it not being the only light source is the main thing to consider. Without a doubt, it will have to be matched to interior, other lamps – their arrangement, design. That is not a difficult task for lighting specialists, but may cause quite a headache for those who decided to liven up their home or restaurant, office, beauty salon with torchieres.

An armchair, work or lunch table, bed, sofa – these and a torchiere make a great „couple“. The only thing needed is an electrical socket, as floor lamps are installed exceptionally easily.

Unorthodox solutions:

Designers who create floor lamps are filled with ideas, which are easily implemented using advanced technologies of light. For example, a lamp made from two cylinders. One of them works as a light source, and the other one helps to easily and comfortably control the light angle.
For those looking for something more extravagant – a collection of functional, ironic and light luminaires, where magical light surrounds forgotten garden tools. That way they start a new adventure in the most unexpected places. Come to „Lempa“ salon and choose Yours. If You have any questions regarding lighting design, call or contact our team online.

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