Built-in lamps are becoming more popular in both private and public interiors as the main or an additional light source. This type of lamps help save space, may be installed indoors or outside. These lamps are built into the ceiling, floor, walls, stairs. Outside – the ground, or, for instance, petty architecture. LED technology lets various lighting projects come to life, as built-in lamps made using this technology are outstandingly resistant.
The exact number of the lamps, their power, installation possibilities are calculated and evaluated after analyzing the space in which the lighting is to be installed. Built-in lamps‘ installation, attaching requires vast knowledge of lighting design, so feel free to contact our team online or in any other convenient way, and we will gladly help You with the price, technical properties of the lamps. We will quickly and professionaly evaluate the possibilities of built-in lamps installation and then prepare a lighting project. Our contacts are provided below.

Built in lamps in interior and exterior

Recessed ceiling lamps are an inseparable interior detail due to their practicality, resistance to various environmental factors. Moreover, these kind of lamps can be static or accented. This means their light flux angle may be adjusted. They are usually installed in the kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and work as the main light source. These lamps can also be installed in the walls, floors, stairs or other unusual plains, so they can be used as an additional light source as well. Built-in lamps do not have a shade or other details to be matched to the interior style, so they are perfect for all home or public spaces and are easily fitted within other luminaires.
Built-in lamps can not only be used indoors, but also outside. Lamps mounted into the ground illuminate the exteriors perfectly. For example, lamps in a terrace‘s ground will create a cozy feeling and separate different terrace spaces.
If You are planning on installing this type of lighting, feel free to contact our team and we will gladly help You choose the right lamps, answer all lighting related questions.

Built in lamps‘ installation

With gypsum constructions becoming more and more popular, lamps mounted into gypsum have also become more prominent. Gypsum technology facilitates the installation of these lamps, but when designing and installing this kind of lighting, technical parameters of the ceiling, walls, floor and other plains have to be considered. It is crucial, as some space is required to install such lamp – it is a must. So when carrying out a lighting design or renovation project, proper electrical connection has to be taken care of in advance, enough space has to be left for the lamp‘s mechanism.

Built-in lamps are easily matched with other types of lamps. For instance, in the living room it may be combined with floor or wall lamps. They are easily installed in the kitchen or bathroom, as these lamps are usually resistant to temperature fluctuations, moist. These luminaires can emit light of warm or cold tones, a system to regulate the light intensity may be installed. That is why these lamps often become a practical and stylish solution for bedroom spaces. More and more often built-in lamps are installed in wardrobes. Ceiling lamps are chosen when wanting to save space.
It is important to choose an optimal number of built-in lamps, and if the parameters of the premise do not allow the wanted number of lamps to be installed, then other types of lamps can be used as additional light sources. We suggest You contact the lighting professionals to properly design a mixed lighting. Our specialist team will gladly help You solve all lighting related problems, create the best lighting solutions for Your premises. Feel free to contact us online or in any other convenient way.

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