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Icone - Giuup APB


M. Pagnocelli


Black, grey or white


The collection is based on linear and geometric elements stripped down as much as possible, without compromises. 
Light’s reflection is global, without interferences, and burst out from pieces created expressly to fit into their setting but also to disappear when light is switched on. 
Wall light: milled and varnished aluminum lampshade; junction and base hook in glazed aluminum. The base of the wall light, and its 80 cm long cable: it permits to position the lampshade according to your needs, creating different final visual effects and matching the technical expectations for positioning. 
The lighting system uses 230V LED technology which does not require transformer.

Technical characteristics:


Width - 15 cm, lenght - 30,2 cm, flexible part's lenght - 80 cm


Metal, aluminium

Lamp type

GiuUp APB 20 20W 1900lm 3000K

GiuUp APB 40 40W 3800lm 3000K




Icone - Giuup APB 1

Icone - Giuup APB 2

Icone - Giuup APB 3

Icone - Giuup APB 4

Icone - Giuup APB 5