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Itama - Aluled bar


White, black, concrete


Among the various available  finishes, the concrete effect version is  enhanced by a consistent texture, which  contrasts with the minimalist design of  the fixtures. This feature is emphasized  in the version with junction, because by  rotating its structure it is possible to  touch and feel the roughness of concrete.
Both the junction and lighting element of  ALULED bar can be fitted in different ways: structure and single lighting fixture, or structure and  double lighting fixture. It is possible to change the  finishes of these parts, obtaining in this way several combinations.
The junction version of ALULED bar has a 180 degrees rotation, directing the light at wish.
Solid light. The essentiality of ALULED becomes a shape that transforms itself into a container for the light-source. The functional character of the object, that allows users to interact with it, was fundamentally important for the choice of the shapes: ergonomically sound and minimal. The detailing and the color range make the object contemporary and easy to use in any kind of room set.

Technical characteristics:


Lenght - 23 cm, width - 12,5 cm, height - 2,5 cm

Lenght - 41 cm, width - 12,5 cm, height - 2,5 cm



Lamp type

13,5W LED 3000K 1450lm

27W LED 3000K 2900lm




Itama - Aluled bar 1

Itama - Aluled bar 2

Itama - Aluled bar 3

Itama - Aluled bar 4

Itama - Aluled bar 5