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Quasar - Julia


Daniel Becker


Chrome, brass


Julia is a lighting that combines two archetypical shapes - the plissee shade and a spherical glass shade. Julia consists of two shades: the outer which is handmade of stainless steel or brass, while the fragile inner one is made of translucent glass. The latter also serves as the light diffusor and a shell in which an LED bulb can be hidden. Both shades are connected to a classic lamp in a way which signifies the present archetypal gesture. At the same time, the product itself creates a testimony of contemporary living.

It is available in standart finish - chrome or brass (on request).

Technical characteristics:


Hight - 33 cm, width - 24,6 cm


Stainless steel or brass

Lamp type

LED E14 4W 250lm 2700K CRI 80




Quasar - Julia 1

Quasar - Julia 2

Quasar - Julia 3

Quasar - Julia 4

Quasar - Julia 5