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Zava - Giacolu


Giampaolo Allocco Delineodesign


Jet black, carmine red, signal yellow, pastel turquese, gentian blue, yellow green


Giacolù is much more than just a lamp. Its also a game that allows you to create different objects by putting the parts together in different ways. It’s like going back in time to when you were a child playing with construction sets and building all sorts of things with simple, basic elements. Arm lamp, table lamp, lectern....Can you create something new?

Calotte and single jumpers are only in white color. Base, handle and double jumpers in one of mentioned colors above.

Technical characteristics:


Lenght  - 65 cm, hight - 52 cm

Lenght - 25 cm, hight - 45 cm

Lenght - 25 cm, hight - 35 cm

Lenght - 23 cm, hight - 50 cm


Iron, wood

Lamp type

1x3W LED 230V 4000K/3000K 300lm/255lm




Zava - Giacolu 1

Zava - Giacolu 2

Zava - Giacolu 3

Zava - Giacolu 4

Zava - Giacolu 5