Lamp Arkoslight - Stick Base 22

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Lamp Arkoslight - Stick Base 22

Stick is a pendant light which comprises an extremely thin vertical line which deposits a beam of light on a specific detail of the interior design. Its thin body accentuates the verticality of the space and acts as a further architectural line. It is almost imperceivable thanks to its thin cylindrical body, with a diameter of just 27 mm. Stick does not visually interfere with the space as it avoids the use of unnecessary items.

„Lamp Arkoslight - Stick Base 22“ belongs to the „Pendant“ items category. This „Arkoslight“ manufacturer lamp „Lamp Arkoslight - Stick Base 22“ is on sale not only in our online shop but also at our showroom in Kaunas - "Lempa LT". „Lamp Arkoslight - Stick Base 22“ lamp price: from 315,81 271,60.

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