Lamp Masiero - Nappe XL1

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Lamp Masiero - Nappe XL1

The big decorative tassels that brings together and adorn the historical palaces’ curtains, are reinterpreted, summarized and decomposed to delete every classical assets and obtain contemporary designed elements. Metal turning’s frame is enriched with brushed brass details and the traditional textile fringes are replaced with small varnished or gold metallic beams. The tassels gave a very modern and minimalist design, intensified by the touch-effect matt pastel finishings, even if a total white finishing is available as well.

„Lamp Masiero - Nappe XL1“ belongs to the „Pendant“ items category. This „Masiero“ manufacturer lamp „Lamp Masiero - Nappe XL1“ is on sale not only in our online shop but also at our showroom in Kaunas - "Lempa LT". „Lamp Masiero - Nappe XL1“ lamp price: 1.282,60.

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