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Arturo Alvarez - Gea


White, grey, beige


The Gea collection is named after the primitive goddess, mother earth. The slender lamps that form it seem to be feminine erected figures that defies their vertical position, wrapped in a fluted veil of SIMETECH® that clings to them through a zip. Its light is soft and enveloping, spread uniformly over all its structure. The main piece of the collection, which achieved a Good Design Award in 2007, is the floor lamp, an elegant sculptural volume that blends in any environment, providing a note of distinction to the room.

Technical characteristics:


Diameter - 28 cm, height - 180 cm


Steel, silicone

Lamp type

E27 Eco - Max. 5x77W

E27 - max. 5x100W




Arturo Alvarez - Gea 1

Arturo Alvarez - Gea 2

Arturo Alvarez - Gea 3

Arturo Alvarez - Gea 4

Arturo Alvarez - Gea 5