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Intueri Light - Turbaya


Brass (other finishes available on demand)


A nostalgic design echoing sounds of the past, this Lamp contemporizes the look of a gramophone, shining bright light from a flared reflector shade. The bended pipe structure acts as a flat base and can also be hung from the wall as an up or down light. Hand-spun by artisans, the broad metal shade puts forth a staggering amount of diffused illumination which can create direct or accent lighting depending on the orientation of the fixture.

Standart structure and disc finish - brass. Cable - black. On demand available to choose red cable and different structure and disc finish.

Technical characteristics:


Lenght - 28,5 cm, width - 29,5 cm, height - 30 cm


Brass or copper, glass

Lamp type

1 x G9 max. 35W (bulb included)




Intueri Light - Turbaya 1

Intueri Light - Turbaya 2

Intueri Light - Turbaya 3

Intueri Light - Turbaya 4

Intueri Light - Turbaya 5