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Flos - Lightspring


Ron Gilad




Wall mounted light fitting with indirect light. Injection molded diffuser in methacrylate with photo-engraved internal finish. The diffuser is fixed to the body by a nickel-plated neodymium magnet. The head is cast aluminium alloy. The wall attachment is injection molded in NYLON PA 6.6 white 20% fibreglass. The rose is in cast aluminium alloy. The body is in extruded calendered aluminium. The feed for the LEDs is located within the rose. Each head can be rotated 45° on its vertical axis. The components are finished with a spray paint. The paint is water-based and therefore eco-friendly.

Technical chracteristics:


Height - 62 cm, width - 9,57 cm

Height - 40 cm, width - 9,57 cm


Aliuminium, plastic

Lamp type

LED 9W 3000K 2 x 320lm CRI80

LED 4,5W 3000K 320lm CRI80

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Flos - Lightspring 1

Flos - Lightspring 2

Flos - Lightspring 3

Flos - Lightspring 5