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Marset - Concentric


Rob Zinn, 2016


Neon, warm or cold colors


The Concentric collection is based on an artistic endeavour to highlight this interaction between light and the reflection of colour, as each white circular panel plays with a different colour on its back. In daylight, these colours are subtly perceived, but at night when the lamp is on is when they come to the fore and shine, stirring complex coloured light effects.

Because of its pure symmetrical shape, Concentric plays with these reminiscences of the sun. It comes in three different sizes and three different colour combinations: the Corona model with neon colours, the Major model with warm colours, and the Minor model with cool colours.

Technical characteristics:


Diameter - 61 cm, width - 16,9 cm

Diameter - 81,5 cm, width - 16,9 cm

Diameter - 101,5 cm, width - 16,9 cm



Lamp Type

LED 7,8W 700mA 2700K 1066lm




Marset - Concentric 1

Marset - Concentric 2

Marset - Concentric 3

Marset - Concentric 4

Marset - Concentric 5