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Marset - Tam Tam


Fabian Dumas, 2012


Black, off-white, orange, brown, sand, green, blue


Here they are, the last members of the Tam Tam family: a wall version with one or two shades (22cm Ø) that can rotate through 360º. Versatile and cheerful, they invite you to play with colours: black, white, orange, brown, green or sand, with the base plate always in white.
They fit your environment, spreading light wherever you want. The single-shade version is suitable for use as a bedside lamp, featuring a switch at the bottom, and the two-shade version invites you to install it in corridors or just to light up spaces.
They may be tiny but they are just as mighty as their big brothers. They are smart, attractive and will bring a smile to your face.

Technical characteristics:


Width - 26,3 cm, height - 23 cm

Width - 42,5 cm, height - 35 cm


Metal, aluminium, plastic

Lamp Type

Tam Tam A E14 46W HSGSP/C/UB; E14 LED 5W; E14 15W FBT

Tam Tam A2 2x E14 46W HSGSP/C/UB; 2x E14 LED 5W; 2x E14 15W FBT




Marset - Tam Tam 1

Marset - Tam Tam 2

Marset - Tam Tam 3

Marset - Tam Tam 4

Marset - Tam Tam 5