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Luxurious luminaires come in different styles: classic chandeliers, modern, minimalist, sharp-edged or splendid „Art Deco“ lighting units. A luxurious lamp may become an interior or exterior centerpiece. Deluxe lamps adorn dining and living rooms. It may be a unique accent in a restaurant or hotel, capturing every guest‘s attention and shining gently.
In our catalog you will find various types of luxurious luminaires, which stand out with their unique designs, highest quality materials and technical parameters, ensuring the perfect lighting and, at the same time, sticking to the principals of sustainable consumption and energy saving. We work hand in hand with interior designers, who are looking for deluxe lighting units for their interiors. You are welcome to contact our team and we will gladly help you design the lighting and offer personal decisions for Your home or other spaces that may require exclusive lighting and luxurious luminaires.
You can contact our team online or in any other most convenient way. You are also welcome to visit our shop in Kaunas old town.

What can luxurious luminaires be?

Luxurious luminaires may be suspended, as, for example, crystal chandeliers. Also, there may be luxurious floor, wall lamps. Despite the fact that deluxe lamps are usually classical or „Art Deco“, which are perfect for exclusive interiors, our partners offer modern luminaires which may be called contemporary classic. These kinds of lamps are great in modern interiors.
If one decides to go with a fancy chandelier in their interior, it becomes the main light source and illuminates even the biggest premises. It is very convenient as no additional light units are needed. If this is not what is wanted, then some luxurious lamps may be matched together, for example, a chandelier and a floor lamp. The latter can not only help liven up an interior or supplement the main light source, but also separate home spaces. Properly chosen luminaires enrich Your home with both splendor and coziness.
Luxurious luminaires may be individually made. Manually grinded crystal, various metal and high-quality plastic details are used for that.
Working hand in hand with interior designers, our lighting professionals can create a unique illumination, using deluxe lamps to give the space exceptional charm and functionality.

What are the tendencies in luxurious lighting?

Deluxe lamps are usually fitted into classical interiors. Suspended, floor or wall luminaires with golden shades, decorative metal details, crystal, fountain type glass threads or other „Art Deco“ elements may be the main light source in the room, but they can also be a splendid ornamental piece. For instance, luxurious wall lamps, subtly matched with art pieces, can give a special touch of coziness and splendor. Torchiere lamps can separate dining or living room spaces, or be a part of a restaurant or hotel interior. That is why one has to admit – classical luminaires are still very relevant in classical interiors. Contemporary lighting units with hints of modernism look great in a modern interior. Despite that, the most popular trend is modern classic, when the shape and decorative elements are typical for a classical luminaire, but subtle accents are added to complement various interiors.
Even though luxurious luminaires may be called a bit pretentious, their functional and aesthetic qualities undoubtedly give them a special place in interior design. Deluxe outdoor lamps enrich garden areas, stylish terraces or parks with special charm and coziness. When designing an interior where luxurious luminaires are about to be installed, do not hesitate to contact our lighting professionals. We will gladly consult you about the technical properties, materials and prices of any lamps. Feel free to contact our team online or in any other way that is the most convenient to you. The contacts are provided below.

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